In the spirit of the first International Research Days, which took place in October 2012 in Toulouse, the research unit of the CNRS CITERES and the CETU ETIcS of the University François Rabelais of Tours would like to bring together scientists and those from diverse institutional horizons around the theme of Energy. This second edition has as a goal to examine updates in scientific progress in the field of the Sociology of Energy, to identify emerging questions and the problems that remain to be explored. Disciplinary open-mindedness, with the assistance of specialists from other scientific fields, will contribute to well-rounded collective thought. We hope, as well, to reserve a place for film and methodological approaches using images, in any form.

Aware of the necessity to share questionings and scientific results with those directly involved in social questions and the general public, these second Days will attempt to bring many disciplines together around original initiatives.

The call for papers will be structured around the following main themes but is open to other propositions:

We hope that you find these second Days interesting and that many will be able to attend!